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Be Bear Aware

Educating Youth Organizations

The National Be Bear Aware tm & Wildlife Stewardship Campaign.

This national Campaign is dedicated to promoting safe and responsible stewardship of our wildlife treasures, especially bears, in order to reduce the growing number of human/wildlife confrontations.

This Campaign provides teachers, college students, youth groups and hunting/guiding organizations with educational materials and training programs needed to teach residents and outdoor enthusiasts the latest safety skills and techniques for hiking, camping, hunting, viewing, photographing and living with wildlife safely and responsibly.

Since 1980 the Be Bear Aware has worked in partnership with state and federal wildlife and land management agencies. The educational concepts and materials have been tested in places such as Yellowstone National Park and Shoshone National Forest, and through hunter education programs.

Through a mentoring program, fourth graders and young Scouts studied the safety techniques to be included and prepared rough prototypes. Eagle Scouts, high school and college students reviewed these prototypes and improved upon them until they were ready for final product review by state and federal wildlife and land management agencies.

Graphic arts and printing students across the United States were responsible for the design and layout of the materials and for preparing the files for production.

We can all make a difference. Join with this national campaign to preserve wildlife long into the future so that generations to come will have the opportunity to enjoy wild animals as we have. All educational support materials and instructors' guides are provided at no cost to individuals or groups willing to serve as training facilitators.

Dear Teacher or Youth Group Leader:

StorminNormanThe opportunity to hike, camp and view wildlife on our public lands is a great adventure. With this experience comes the individual responsibility to be properly informed about the appropriate safety techniques to avoid human/wildlife conflicts. This is especially important in the areas that bears, mountain lions and rattlesnakes call home. This Hiking & Camping in Bear, Mountain Lion and Rattlesnake Country Train the Trainer Program is designed to empower teachers, youth group leaders. hunters, outfitters and guides with the training needed to train others. Through this program participants learn the latest safety techniques for hiking and camping and for viewing and photographing wildlife. It is important that we create enthusiasm for wildlife, but we must also provide the knowledge to enjoy the great outdoors safely and responsible. Through this program participants learn how to be responsible for their own safety and preserve our wildlife heritage.

Concept: Provide an educational activity that informs the students about the increasing number and causes of humam/wildlife encounters that may result in serious injuries and sometimes death to both people and wildlife. The Students will learn the latest safety techniques to use when hiking, camping and living around wildlife. These lessons will be put into practice through hands on field activities. This lesson gives students the knowledge and the opportunity to provide a community service through a stewardship program used to mentor other students and community organizations.

Instructional Levels: Older students learn the safety techniques, then teach and mentor younger students.

Community Involvement: Students can conduct presentations to other local organizations and civic groups such as: Boy & girl Scouts, Youth Groups 4-H clubs, Rotary clubs, Kiwanis, Jaycees.

Purpose: Some People lack the safety techniques and basic skills to reduce the possibility of confrontations with wildlife. This activity is meant to offer these skills to our current and future generations.


Wildlife Stewardship: Wildlife safety techniques to avoid confrontations with wildlife when hiking, camping, photographing or viewing wildlife.

Educational: All subject areas are incorporated into this interdisciplinary unit.; Math skills, creative communication, scientific exploration, social interaction, and group & community involvement are stressed.

Main Wildlife Species: Bears, Mountain Lions/cougars, rattlesnakes and other species will be included.

Time: 2 to 6 class periods Field trip of 2 hours.

Age: Mentors at high school students Participants are 4th-8th grade students.

Skills: Evaluate reason draw conclusion identify group interaction question.

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