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Be Bear Aware

Be Bear Aware Educational Kit

Special Bear Avoidance educational kits are available to anyone who wishes to present bear avoidance programs.  Theses kits are excellent gifts for school teachers, youth group leaders, camp counselors, or anyone working with kids in the outdoors or even adult hiking and camping groups.

Each kit contains:ColoringBook

  • 50 - of the individual educational materials
  • Be Bear Aware Brochures
  • Hiking in Bear Country
  • Black Bear/grizzly bear identification card
  • Bear Cub bookmarks
  • Be Bear Aware educational coloring books (currently restocking)
  • Instructor’s guides for setting up a bear avoidance training trail. (Available Online)
  • 1- DVD featuring six different bear avoidance programs

The DVD includes the following educational programs:

  1. Keeping Wildlife Wild
  2. Bear Spray- When and How to Use It
  3. Bear Spray TV report
  4. Hunting in Bear Country
  5. Who’s Who (black bear/grizzly bear ID)
  6. Give Them Room to Live
  7. From the Desert Southwest to the Arctic
  8. Up Close and Personal

Call for price availability and to order.


Call for price availability and to order.


12-panel 4x9 Educational Brochures

Call for price availability and to order.

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